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His life his work

Schachen, and the other mountain refuges

His work

Chapter 5

Schachen, and the other mountain refuges


Chalet of Schachen in the massif of Wetterstein

For the solitary king, mountain refuges always constituted privileged places of retreat. For the greater part inherited from his father, these small huts, in the often rustic comfort, are among a dozen. Today, some of them remain as that of Hochkopf, lent to Wagner occasionally, that of Pürschling, Kenzen, Tegelberg, Soiern, Bleckenau, and in particular that of Schachen, built in 1869-70 at a 1866 meter height. Not far from Garmisch, this alpine refuge, at the middle alpine at the middle oriental, welcomed the king for each of its birthdays on August 25th. In this occasion, the population gathered to make him party and prepare him a surprise, as for example a fireworks.

Every movement of the king of Bavaria in one of these refuges constituted a real expedition, during which the staff had to follow with the multitude of objects indispensable to the stay of the king in these places. In this wild solitude, surrounded with the animals which he liked, the king could get fresh ideas far from the greyness from Munich.

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