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His life his work

Hohenschwangau, the origin of the dream

His work

Chapter 1

Hohenschwangau, the origin of the dream


Castle of Hohenschwangau,  lithography by 1850

This word rings for Ludwig as a magic word which rocked its childhood, its youth and even all its man’s life. Situated in a magnificent frame between Alpsee and Säuling, on the border of Tirol, this castle reconstructed formerly by his father Maximilien constitutes for Ludwig the language of the dream. We can say without exaggerating that this place is at the origin of at least its bigger work: Neuschwanstein.

It is thanks to painted frescoes on the walls which Ludwig learnt to know the legend of the Holy Grail relieved by Lohengrin, the son of the guard of the sacred talisman. It is since the windows of the music room that the king imagined, opposite, a castle which is the answer of this one, the real fortress of the Grail, its Montsalvat.

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