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His life his work


His work

Chapter 4



Main facade of Herrenchiemsee

 This last castle must be considered as the monument dedicated to the French Absolutism. Historical pageant of Versailles of Louis XIV, Herrenchiemsee is not there however a copy. The current palace of kings of France was reshaped throughout the successive reigns, thus losing its character of origin. The castle of Ludwig II is not thus Versailles which we visit today.

The king, in 1873, acquires ” the Island of the Sirs “, name given because of the presence of an ancient monastery, saving it from a planed forest devastation. He was able to make it set up his last realization, helped in it by funds paid by Bismarck from 1871. If the Hall of Mirrors is at the king’s bigger than the original, the Staircase of the Ambassadors reconstituted as for him, is not visible any more in Versailles since Louis XV. Among the most important rooms, the “Chambre d’apparat” has the leading part. It constitutes the center of the building. Ludwig took care again of every detail, watching everything with accuracy. The private bedroom of the sovereign, always containing a part of its symbolism order, is as for her smaller than the other, tense of blue, its favorite color. A globe spreading a light of the same tint is placed in front of the bed. It was necessary more than one and a half year to succeed in obtaining the wished color.

The completion of the works was not able to take place because of the lack of personal funds and especially the Ludwig’s premature death. The park was not either ended, with the exception of some fountains. On both constructed wings of the castle, the one was destroyed and the other one stayed in the state of masonry. For lack of time, Ludwig was able to live there in an effective way only one week in October, 1885, although he made every spot year to watch closely the progress of the works from 1878, date of the beginning of the main part works.

This place is, as the others, soaked with a big sensuality with the multitude of naked women represented here and there, including in the bathroom. In all his castles, the most sincere expression of his deeper ego, Ludwig makes the apology of the love shared sentimentally or sensually between men and women.

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