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His life his work

What Bavaria owes to Ludwig II during its reign

His work

Chapter 8

What Bavaria owes to Ludwig II during its reign


Louis II, statue by Elisabet Ney, on 1870 and Neuschwanstein: nocturnal feeling.

Contrary to generally accepted ideas, king Ludwig II of Bavaria not only became famous in the field of the art. We too much tend to forget that its work is also the one of the social progress carried out under its reign.

Bavaria owes him in 1866 the creation with the cooperation of her mother of the quite new association of the Red Cross, the first one in Germany.

Ludwig is at the origin of the construction of the synagogue of Munich. He is one of the only ones in its time to support the confessional parity and the right of the Jews, as gives evidence of it its correspondence with Wagner. In his death, great rabbin will pronounce a speech loaded with gratitude.

The king enlarges the polytechnic school in 1877, and funded in 1876 the Maximilaneum, place of equalitarian instruction at the expense of the crown for the deserving students, whatever is their social status.

He improved the social condition of the most deprived by creating soup kitchens.

He created a system of assistance to the patients comparable to the Social Security.

He created associations for the protection of animals and the environment.

He financed of its pocket the first ” German charter of hygiene “.

In 1881, he asked Bismarck for a report on the condition of the workers within the Empire. The enormous construction sites which constituted its castles made, during almost twenty years, more than 200 persons live, only on the site of Neuschwanstein. It is thus necessary to multiply this figure by almost three.

Under its reign, the Bavarian small business sector knew its hours of glory thanks to its numerous orders and projects.

The examples of its commitments are uncountable in fact and owe be included in the whole of its work.

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