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A hole in the sarcophagus


Chapter 5

A hole in the sarcophagus


Sarcophagus of king Ludwig II, crypt of the  St Michael’s church of Munich

Among the last discoveries, that of the hole under the sarcophagus of the king is a real blow of ram in the building of lies skillfully built around Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Photos taken in May, 2000 in the greatest secrecy by the secular organization of “Guglmänner“, came to prove that Ludwig’s body is not any more in the crypt. Taken away between the 30s and 60 the corpse of the king disappeared at present; at least with the eyes of certain persons. So, we cannot henceforth practice any more examinations on Ludwig’s body to confirm the thesis of the murder, by too embarrassing for the image of the ruling family even today. This business is so disturbing that it was necessary question recently, under the pressure of the family, to close the crypt to the public. At least disproportionate decision towards simple pictures, isolated among thousands taken every day.

The detail of this discovery can be consulted on the site of Guglmänner.

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