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His life his work

The musical


Chapter 2

The Musical


Jan Ammann in the role of Ludwig II

This new opus is let us say it at once the real success, what is worth the merit to be indicated… The new team which took in in hand the fate of Ludwig II on stage opted for the historic reality by presenting finally the king under its real light: a pacifist, a visionary on the social question and technological plan, a lover of the Arts and especially a realistic and pragmatic politician finally murdered on order of his government, because become too embarrassing. We waited for years for a show worthy of the name and which for once would advance the real qualities of the monarch, and not his supposed defects, as it was the case in the previous show.

2008 : After two years of success, the musical theater has just closed brutally its doors and the curtain definitively fell on this new version of the life of the king. Immense financial difficulties got the better of this beautiful show.

musical mus_24_bis

ammannbis ammann-2

(source : Programmbuch zur Uraufführung des Musicals Ludwig 2, Füssen, 2005)


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