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His life his work

Kitsch and business


Chapter 1

Kitsch and business


Shop window from Munich where the history lives with the souvenirs for the tourists

What does it rest today of Ludwig? Or rather, what we made it? The answer is simple: a consumer product.

The historic image, not that of the legend, is distorted and it is the lie and the slander which make sell. We find its effigy on everything and anything: of the golf ball in the teaspoon, the T-shirt in the articulated puppet, the Japanese (!) double in “drag queen” made up, some beer in the sandwich etc. …

The worst is doubtless that the ruling family guarantees for this mercantile and slanderous collapse today, even if it defends itself from it by claiming to have deposited a copyright on the image of Ludwig. It is thus necessary to believe that all these drift are not considered as some.

The reality is that this so-called copyright allows the current beneficiaries to get a not insignificant percentage on the shameless use of the image of the sovereign. The real image of the king, that of the history, thus disappears behind this higher bid where nothing more is true.

© Copyright 2015 Elisabeth Fontaine-Bachelier

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