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His life his work

Ludwig II and the religion

His life

Chapter 5

Ludwig II and the religion


The calvary offered by Ludwig II to the municipality of Oberammergau in 1875

The connections of the king with the religion were always rather complex. If Ludwig is profoundly religious, he remains on the other hand very suspicious and hostile to the clergy, the Jesuits, and the ultramontane ( ultra conservatives) who will not forgive it him.

In 1874, he will pronounce officially against the dogma of the papal infallibility and will preserve in position, against the will of Vatican, the theologian Döllinger also set against the dogma. An infernal wrestling thus puts back to back the ” former(ancient) Catholics “, hostile to the dogma, and the ” new Catholics “, the ultramontane. Already, during a project of journey in Italy in 1873, Louis wondered how it would be necessary to take itself there to avoid the Pope at all costs. The solution was found: there was no journey.

Protestant Prussia is also hostile in Vatican, and it is also in 1874 that the Queen mother, Prussian of birth, chooses to be converted to the Catholicism, adhering at the same moment to the dogma rejected by Ludwig II.

Within the Bavarian conservatives and thus within his own family, the king is in marginal position although his liberal government, favorable to the Prussia, supports him.

Ludwig attends on the other hand regularly the mass, even that of Midnight, incognito in the middle of the other parishioners of the cathedral of Munich. We knew that he had come when a servant came to look for the umbrella which its master had forgotten on a bench… His intimate diaries also bear the brand of a profound religiosity.

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